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Short Biography


Golden Orange with black stripes, yellow belly, black snout and feet, winged, blue eyes, 'Morning Striped Shivae chick', about six months of age at start of Arc 2


Living Sibling 
Dead Siblings 
Kie and Ede


  • Vas is the son of Triv, brother of Riva. He's the smaller of the two, which led him to not being able to keep up with his father and elder brother.
  • The more inquisitive and curious of the two - if there's something to be investigated, he will be right there looking into it.
  • Was the runt of the clutch and has always been on the small side.
  • Takes after his mother in temperament.
  • Had been 'captured' by newcomers (i.e. Noel and family), though is currently on the run from them and searching for his father at the urging of Kota.
  • Is currently traveling with Taun after she rescued him from some feral Shivae trying to eat him, and she agreed to help him find his father instead of returning him to Noel's home.
  • His journey would lead them afoul of some diseased Shivae, and to some friendly Northerner Gryphons.

  • Wandering with Triv and Riva after Kride, Kie, and Ede (all wingless) were shot by a newcomer while they were scavenging a Scythetail's kill of a domesticated Ridgeback. (Vas, strip 17)
  • Got separated from his father and brother during a fire (Vas, strip 56)
  • While escaping from Scythetails who injured his leg, (Vas, strip 69) he spotted and fled from Taun (thinking her an Acid Whip). (Vas, strip 73) Later he decided to try to find his father, and traveled to a farm, where he was attacked by an angry rooster and caught in a fence (Vas, strip 86)
  • Taun saved him from the rooster, (Vas, strip 87) Noel freed him from the fence, (Vas, strip 91) Noai bound the injuries to his leg (Vas, strip 97)
  • Although initially suspicious of drinking 'white water' (milk), once he tried it, he liked it. (Vas, strip 105)
  • Spent time healing and living with Taun, Noel, Noai, Loani, and Noel's two younger sisters
  • Although his leg healed well, he was probably going to be left with a limp as a result. (Vas, strip 118)
  • As soon as he was well he wished to seek out his father, but after Taun's warnings of the danger of winter decided to winter with them. (Vas, strip 133)
  • Was being taught hunting by Taun (Vas, strip 179) - much to her dismay at his lack of skills. (Vas, strip 183) After he failed at 3 hunts she decided to show him how by leading a hunt against some Callus Birds, (Vas, strip 201) but when he panicked during the hunt and things got dangerous for him, (Vas, strip 204) Taun made the kill and chastised him severely. (Vas, strip 207) Vas decided to leave as a result. (Vas, strip 209)
  • Fleeing from some crow-like gryphons who pursued him as an intruder in their territory, he ended up bumping into Kota. (Vas, strip 218) She disliked his association with the Newcomers, and his growing fondness for them based on his recent experience, so showed him chicks who died snared in a fence, (Vas, strip 232) much like the fence that he had been injured on. (Vas, strip 233) It convinces him to search for his father now, and Kota equipped him for the journey. (Vas, strip 239)
  • He soon runs afoul of some diseased Shivae who want to eat him. (Vas, strip 254) Taun saves him and tries to bring him back to Noel, but he's adamant about returning to his father, claiming his lack of hunting skills is because he stayed too long with the Newcomers. (Vas, strip 264) Taun finally agrees to take him back to his father instead, and with the promise of a meal, he agrees to travel with her. (Vas, strip 267)
  • He is unsure what he would do if he doesn't find his father and brother before second leaf-fall, which is when young males typically set off on their own. (Vas strip 396)
  • One way to tell who colored the strip is through his markings. Flowerlark tends to give him a dark brown muzzle and paws, Syke pure black.