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Alien Dice Warp Saga was to be an offshoot or extra of Alien Dice. It took place after the canon of Day 9 in the Alien Dice strip and then goes off into its own little special story, free of two things: No Maenae, no Maelinn,... and now, Lexx has a new offer. A way to get out of being a slave, but he has an almost impossible mission to other worlds,... which might seem vaguely familiar.

This story was set where Lexx, Chel, and Riley, as well as Lexx's Base Set of dice, would be going through dimensional portals after special dice, using their capture in place of his regular game, and cross into various animes (fan-comic style). (Lexx meeting Zelgadis was one mentioned possibility)

This one was never really started, beyond the initial character sheets, due to not wanting to use other people's characters... or as Syke put it:

Ok,.. the reason why Warp Saga doesn't update ISN'T because I lost interest. I still have the next three images on my hard drive. The problem is, the closer I get to really starting it, the more I am apprehensive about it. If I go ahead and do this, then I'm just like the myriad of other manga/comics online that take other people's characters and use them as the BASIS of their stories to the point of breaking the rules of 'fan art/fiction'. You know the people, making characters do things they wouldn't do normally. Even though they were only to be a small part, I have severe problems with using other people's characters and changing them to make a 'parody', especially if they stick around for awhile. If I'm going to USE other people's characters, then I want them to look like my interpretation of that character. :P

Sure, the people who do this get large audiences, but the overwhelming majority of them are crap and if there's one thing I hate seeing, it's a comic strip that is popular solely because they use already familiar and very popular characters. *Not that I see fan art/fiction bad, just that it's uncomfortable when you're doing work to make a little bit of money and then take time away from it to do something which you are NOT supposed to make money from (Well, you can as long as it's your interpretation, but I don't want to mess with that line in an actual story. Art, yes,... ongoing story, no.) and besides... I like publishing stuff and I wouldn't be able to publish it....