World of Pure

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Earth is primarily land over water. There are large underground reservoirs beneath the crust. Much of the planet has slowly been turning into desert and unfarmable lands. So far, attempts to increase growing area is not meeting with much success. Walls have been erected as a final effort at city borders to hold back the sands as long as possible.

Upon leaving the city, Sasha and Blake were not actually IN the wasteland yet. They're just outside the main wall, which means that there ARE citizens of New America WITHIN the walls and that area isn't heavily populated. Think about it like the border between the US and Mexico... except with three huge walls.

There are five primary cultures that exist in the world of PURE, based on five seperate 'nations' which are: Canada, New America, Old America, Japan and Texas. Originally there were more nations, but they have been swallowed by deserts.

Regardless of this threat to the general way of life, there are many who live well in the deserts and animals outfitted for that type of life are plentiful.

Mentioned in the notes, outsiders with abilities are not welcome in the society outside of the Cities. Only a select few are trained – all others are forbidden to train and the penalty for using an ability is death. They are systematically trying to breed the most powerful among them in a completely different way than the cities.

Stages/coaches run between the outer cities in groups with armed escorts on Horses who follow a distance away and to the sides and front of the ‘road’. It’s not being robbed that worries them … but you’ll find out more on that much later. The creatures that pull the wagons may look like large plodding beasts of burden, but actually can move quite fast.