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Birth Mother 
Shira Lessa
Birth Father 
Shira Taumas
Kaimar, Kane, Lexx

Zaile was taken from his parents Shira Lessa and Shira Taumas at a few months of age while they were living on a space station by officials claiming he was a drain on resources. They immediately sold him to a rich Littan couple who could not have children of their own, and raised him as their son. They eventually left everything to him - including board member shares in ADC (AD Day 6, strip 50) high enough to classify him as a CEO able to view Premium Visitations He's a Rishan in an unusual position. He has money and he's an elite investor in the Alien Dice corporation.

Once of age he researched his birth family, but only after his adoptive parents death. (AD Day 6, strip 50) Not knowing the circumstances of his adoption, he puzzled over why his parents Shira Lessa and Shira Taumas kept only Lexx... and resents Lexx for it. (AD Day 10, strip 27) He has the rare eye color green, inherited from his father.

He was frustrated, angry and depressed, and he worked everything up in Lexx's direction. Everything was to be blamed on Lexx, his personal scapegoat,... for the sole reason that Lexx was available. It had bothered him every since he was a small child and realized that he wasn't a Littan like his parents. Who were his real parents? Where were they? Why wasn't he with them? Why was he abandoned? It didn't matter that he lived a life that few Rishan enjoyed. What mattered was that he should have been with his parents and instead, he wasn't good enough and had been given to the Littans. Zaile had never asked his adoptive parents about the details of his adoption. He loved his Littan parents. He had also not told them anything about his quest for his youngest sister. It was because of Lexx that he had found her in the first place. Zaile had access to his family records and knew his given family name. It wasn't a common name. That was how he met Riley. He had run into him while trying to access information about Lexx. They had a mutual interest in the Rishan, although to Zaile, Riley was just an easily manipulated kid. Life was still a game to Riley. He was smart, but he was still young, a year older than Lexx. Zaile had tried to buy Lexx's contract,... but the ADC wouldn't sell. It was too late. He was already the most promising of that year's master players. It was because of Lexx that he couldn't buy their youngest sister. Zaile knew exactly where she was, but,... the ADC wouldn't sell her contract either. She was only nine years old. They had her in storage. She wasn't frozen or even suspended, just,... stored in a deep sleep. Because they had Lexx, she had been put away to be used at a later date. Zaile wanted her. Kane was lost. Zaile didn't want anything to do with her. Lexx was an adult and as far as he was concerned, useless. But their sister was a blank slate. (AD Day 14, strip 74)

The ADC had responded to Zaile's requests to purchase his sister's contract with a stipulation that if he did,... he would allow them, as her guardian, to perform tests on her, but not be put into active play for the ADC. She would still belong to them. He wouldn't stand for that. He had done some morally objectionable things in the past, but he would not force such a condition on another person. Zaile had the option of purchasing Master Dice and fighting to win his siblings,... but he had not gone that way. He really didn't want to hurt them. As much as he told himself that he hated Lexx,... deep down he realized that it really wasn't Lexx's fault. He was just a kid,... (AD Day 14, strip 75)

  • Lexx had a way of bringing up mixed emotions in Zaile. It was all Lexx’s fault. The fact that he couldn’t simply ‘buy’ his own sister from the ADC was ALL Lexx’s fault. At the same time, he had a strong sense of guilt over Lexx. (AD Day 14, strip 62)
    • Was upset when Riley revealed to Lexx that they were brothers. (AD Day 21, strip 112) When Lexx tried confronting him about it afterwards, he would attack Lexx trying to get out of the situation, (AD Day 21, strip 115) before yelling over the relay he hated Lexx since their parents had kept Lexx, but not him. (AD Day 21, strip 117)
    • Maelinn would come talk to him afterwards, (AD Day 22, strip 41) making him see how irrational his feelings were, and urging him to talk to Lexx. (AD Day 22, strip 51)
    • Once he got past his anger, he found himself questioning himself about what was important to him, which opened a door to let an inner voice respond. (AD Day 25, strip 12)
    • Whatever happened there... he became much friendlier towards Lexx afterwards. (AD Day 26, strip 18)

Although not initially knowing about his other sister Shira Alyssa Kane, (AD Day 10, strip 43) he soon researched her, but has no desire to meet her due to her criminal record - an attitude enforced when he later meets her and she tries to blackmail him. (AD Day 18, strip 116)

He did not know about his grandparents who live with the Laniers (AD Day 21, strip 111) because when he researched his birth family he only sought out his parents and siblings. While at first it was curiosity that drove his search, it then became a desire for 'ownership' of a part of his biological family all to himself, which Kane and Lexx are unsuitable for.

He is secretly Lexx's sponsor, but has no expectations of a future for him being so deep in the Alien Dice game (AD Day 6, strip 49) (and perhaps in part jealous that he was kept by their parents) and does not reveal his relationship to him. He is even considering not paying Lexx what he owes him as a sponsor if Lexx does win. (AD Day 6, strip 50) Lexx is the only Dice he possesses. (AD Day 6, strip 47)

He is currently searching for an his youngest sister Kaimar (age 13 when mentioned at the arena, (AD Day 6, strip 50) age 9 when mentioned elsewhere, 8 in another spot) - the only true family he considers having left. He seems to indicate the parents may not have kept her too - they could only keep one child and kept Lexx. She's owned by the ADC and being kept in storage - not frozen or suspended but in deep sleep, put away to be used at a later date. They won't sell her contract unless she's put into play, or if not to be played, they'll let him have her but they'll still own her and get to perform tests on her. He finds this unacceptable. He currently has a bet running: if Lexx wins, Zaile gets to claim her without Lexx knowing about her; if Lexx loses she'll put into play to ride Lexx's popularity in the game. He places his quest for his sister highly, more-so than whatever happens to Lexx. He seems insulted that Lexx might be interested in a human, and is worried that this relationship might distract Lexx from his goal, and cost him his bet.

Zaile is straightforward and does not lie about things and expects others to not lie to him. He has little patience for that. Zaile might mislead by withholding information, but will not say anything rather than have to lie outright and uphold a lie.

Zaile has a problem with not understanding how other people feel. He has zero empathy. He is also prejudiced against Humans, considering them a crude and backwards species that he finds loathsome, and can't understand why Lexx would want to even touch one. Even though he knows Rishans were created from humans, he considers Rishans to be an improvement on humans. (AD Day 10, strip 27)

Not wanting a real relationship, he currently has a paid consort named Cinka.

He has an almost-daughter named Maelinn. He was curious about what a hybrid child looked like, so when the ADC was selling some, he went to look, became enamored and bought her. He raised her, and feels very protective about her. (AD Day 9, strip 30)

He employs Riley, and considers him a good friend, but is very disturbed by the relationship that is developing between him and Maelinn. He tried pretending he didn't notice it while taking steps to discourage it, such as stating that Maelinn is sterile, being a mixed breed, and would be vulnerable to 'kisses' from Littans, (AD Day 9, strip 32) followed by keeping Maelinn busy and paying Littan girls to flirt with Riley, (AD day 16, strip 19) then buying Lisaan and assigning her to him. (AD Day 18, strip 5) When Riley confronted him about it, he directly told him he couldn't have Maelinn, (AD Day 18, strip 8) and suggested that the blame was on them not telling him directly about their relationship. (AD Day 18, strip 9) Then fired Riley, (AD Day 18, strip 10), hiding Maelinn so he couldn't take her with him, (AD Day 18, strip 11) and gave him Lisaan whether he wanted her or not. (AD Day 18, strip 12) When Maelinn found out and was distraught about it, he was unsure how to react to her, (AD Day 18, strip 62) but prevented her from going after her, believing separating them to be for the best. (AD Day 18, strip 63)

Soon after, Kane found out about their relationship, and was persistent enough in trying to get him to open a communications channel that he eventually gave in and talked to her, if only to disclaim her as a sister. (AD Day 18, strip 116) She was quick to agree that Lexx was naive, but she could do a lot of damage telling him about Zaile and their youngest sister. This worried Zaile, because telling Lexx might prompt Lexx to do one of many possible things, all of which would get in Zaile's way. Zaile had a bet riding on Lexx. If Lexx won, Zaile would claim their sister without Lexx knowing anything about it. She would be worthless to the ADC in that event anyway. If Lexx lost, he would lose the girl because they would put her into play to ride on her older brother's popularity. Lexx knew nothing of his youngest sister and wouldn't know as long as Zaile could help it. (AD Day 18, strip 117) For her silence, Kane wanted a Dragonwire Ship, fully fueled and stocked. Two million crids and all of her crimes purged from the galactic records. (AD Day 18, strip 118) He agreed to it. It wasn't that pricey for him, but he disliked being put in a situation where he could be blackmailed. It made him realize just how much Riley did for him, both in business and as a friend, forcing him to realize he needed him. (AD Day 18, strip 119) He ended up calling Riley for help in getting rid of Kane, and willing to let the Maelinn thing slide provided he doesn't hurt her. (AD Day 18, strip 125) Once Riley got rid of Kane, he fully reinstated him. (AD Day 19, strip 47)

It did have consequences though, namely Maelinn standing up to him and informing him she would be moving to Riley's Ship when it arrived. (AD Day 19, strip 56) When she mentioned he would still have Cinka to keep him company, he was quick to offer to get rid of her if that's what Maelinn wanted, much to Cinka's horror, but Maelinn refused. (AD Day 19, strip 58) She did mention that she had not told him about all the things Cinka had done to her, for his sake, and she thought he could do better. She then kissed Riley full on the lips, much to Zaile's displeasure, (AD Day 19, strip 59) and proved herself immune to the Littan 'kiss'. (AD Day 19, strip 60)

When he installed a Relay in Keith Ritter, he mentions he recently obtained one himself. (AD Day 26, strip 98)

  • The ends justify the means with him, especially with those he didn't know. He doesn't care much who he hurts to get to his goals. (AD Day 6, strip 47)
    • It was different once Zaile knew someone. He made it a point to keep himself away from such relations and used Riley many times to set things up. Riley didn’t mind most of the time, because nobody ever really got hurt. There had been a few times he had refused to do as Zaile wanted and he had found someone else to do it. (AD Day 6, strip 47)
  • He's used to getting what he wants, including females, but won't touch his own kind. The closest to a female Rishan on his ship is Maelinn, who's been in his entourage since she was a young girl (but was merely an escort to be looked at, but not touched.) Cinka is his toy - a distraction. She gets to spend his crids, he gets a warm bed. (AD Day 9, strip 30)
  • He does things strictly by the book. (AD Day 18, strip 119)
  • First Appeared in passing in AD Day 6, strip 28; And his first speaking appearance in the strip and not just the text was AD Day 6, strip 46