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Side History
Day Side
Day 1 2
Day 5 3
Day 9 4
Base Set-Flame
1st Bonding Sallomandyr
2nd Bonding None
3rd Bonding None


Zeta lvl1.gif
Shira Lexx
Zeta the Fire Dice is Lexx's starting Dice. Unlike Lexx's other dice, when Lexx started a new set he rolled him on the ship so he's never merged with any creature other than his original.


Zeta lvl2.jpg

Lexx named his starting Sallomandyr Zeta (meaning 'Last') because it was said that he would be the last Sallomandyr Lexx ever had. Zeta was a runt of the litter and was going to be used as Pit Bait for other, larger beasts until Lexx purchased him to be in his base set. Zeta is an unbonded dice - he is a simple Sallomandyr, rather than being a Sallomanyr/animal hybrid.

He is currently 3 years old, making him a fully mature dice.

Base Set (10 6-sided dice) - Dice #1


Zeta lvl3.JPG
Zeta lvl4.jpg
  • At side two he was a small creature with red skin and gold splotches on his underside. It shook almost in time with the rolling thunder as though afraid, wide blue eyes with pupils dilated to pinpoints. At only three feet tall, he didn't appear very menacing, aside from a mouth filled with a row of pointed teeth and sharp claws ending on each of his six fore-claws, and six more on his feet. A tail, just short of being a stub wriggled back and forth behind him, balancing the oversize head. (AD, Day 1, strip 1) He weighed 30 pounds. (AD, Day 1, strip 17)
  • Zeta wasn't going to leave his master, no matter what happened. That severely frightened him. He had never had to do anything without Lexx's instruction, but what he lacked in bravery, he made up for in loyalty.(AD, Day 1, strip 17)
    • Developed a liking for Chel because she gave him food and drink when he asked for them. (AD, Day 1, strip 24)
  • At level 3 Zeta gained a foot on his previous size and seemed to lose some of his bulk in favor of a more streamlined appearance, his muzzle narrowing a little and the feathers on top of his head lengthening. One of them tilted forward and went the opposite direction of the others. A few more were added to it along the back of his neck. (AD, Day 5, strip 13)
  • Will try to help Lexx when Claudia's advances get too intense, though how he does it may leave something to be desired. He broke up such a situation previously by lifting his leg while in full level 6 form on the hem of Lexx's coat... (AD Day 5, strip 14)
  • Can breath fire, but fireballs are difficult for him to produce, so he doesn't like making very many at one time. (That, and he can burn his tongue in the process.) (AD Day 7, strip 6)
  • He's not a good runner, at least at low levels. (AD, Chapter 2, strip 5)
  • Afraid of lightning (but not thunder) (AD, Day 1, strip 1) and water (AD, Day 4, strip 3)
  • Was originally going to be one of the Dice Lexx brought in the capture of Dash, but was in no shape for it after he tricked Chel into overfeeding him. (AD Day 8, strip 3)
  • Does not like the cold. (AD Day 9, strip 64)
  • More than triples his size and weight when going to Level 4. (AD Day 9, strip 68)
  • The easiest way to control him is through his stomach, regardless of size. (AD Day 10, strip 39)
  • Loves crunchy hot treats - especially hot peppers and fire fruit
  • Zeta loves being rubbed between his eyes, and Lexx finds something comforting about petting the Dice. He was warm and covered in very fine fur that gave him that velvety look and feel. Not only that, but Zeta depended on him for everything and Lexx knew it well. He looked up to him and was unwavering in his loyalty and adoration. Zeta was nothing like that annoying Stealth Dice, which seemed to enjoy making life 'interesting' for Lexx.
  • Will gain wings at level 6
  • Mated with Epsy.(AD Day 12, strip 9)(AD Day 12, strip 26) Is rather oblivious to the result though, (AD Day 15, strip 29) (AD Day 19, strip 1) up to the point of commenting he hopes Epsy lays big eggs because he's hungry. (AD Day 19, strip 2)
    • Even though he doesn't understand what is going on, he feels an unusual need to make Epsy happy. (AD Day 19, strip 6)
    • Would later overhear a conversation between Chel and Riley about Epsy's eggs, and begin to make a connection about being a father. (AD Day 22, strip 18) It would prompt him to actively find food for them. (AD Day 22, strip 19) After bringing her food, (AD Day 22, strip 33) he would mention she had done a bad thing, which would bring her to her senses. (AD Day 22, strip 35) He would also suggest Epsy give their eggs to Chel so Lexx wouldn't harm them. (AD Day 22, strip 36)
    • His idea of how to fix the situation was for Epsy to bring Lexx back the arm she had torn off so Doctor Huggy could reattach it. (AD Day 22, strip 38)
  • He is not a skilled hunter, and his idea of fishing is to put his mouth in the water and wait for something to drift into his waiting jaws. (AD Day 20, strip 89) When by sheer luck he caught one, and Epsy refused to eat it, considering her nest building more important, he decided to help her in the nest building too. (AD Day 20, strip 90)
  • He has a young male voice, light and not fully mature in sound. Even when fully leveled he will not have a deep voice.

  • First mentioned in the text of Day 1, strip 1; First appeared in the strip in reflection on Day 1, strip 13; First appeared directly on Day 1, strip 15; How Looks When Reverted on Day 1, strip 27; Level 3 on Day 5, strip 13; Rolling to Level 4 on Day 9, strip 68

Zeta Stories

First Day With Chel

Zeta sorry he slow, not able get text up with picture! Zeta make up for it now, Lexx tell Zeta he have tell story, since Lexx no want to and creator person sick, stuck pinkies in eyes, something like that, not see well. So, Zeta get tell story and Zeta do good job! Zeta eat, yummy mushy food, taste like fish. Chel say it cat food, but Zeta think it great Zeta food too! Chel ask, "What are you, anyway?"

Zeta think that silly question, chew on food. "Zeta, Zeta!"

Chel not like Zeta answer, so say, "I gathered. Are you really an alien?"

Zeta laugh at that. Zeta not alien, silly human girl the alien! Zeta all normal, used to Zeta and Lexx, not used to Chel, and say, "No! You the alien!" Zeta look away at how smart he is, much smarter than Chel bad human girl. She so silly.

Chel say, "I am not! I live here!" So what, Zeta think, you live here, but you still alien. Zeta chuckle, cock head side and say, "You still Alien to us! Bad alien too!" Zeta gotta tell Chel that, remind her what she do to hurt Master Lexx. Zeta not like that Lexx hurt, but not think Chel hurt no more, not after fill Zeta tum tum with yummy Zeta cat food!

Zeta go bye-bye now, do good job on story, see?

First Day With Lexx

Zeta hops up in front of the screen, talking rapidly and swishing his tail back and forth. "Zeta been busy, but Zeta come back for short time, tell Zeta story about Zeta and Lexx first day that Zeta be born! Lexx say he get to choose from lots and lots of different base creatures and choose sallomandyr type, that Zeta type! So, Zeta get choosed special from many, many!

Zeta much smaller when be born, because Lexx have bad roll and Zeta start out a 1. Stealth, she get start out at 3 first time, lucky Stealth, but this story 'bout Zeta and Lexx.

Lexx first thing Zeta see and Zeta hungry, so bite Lexx shoe. Lexx not like Zeta bite shoe. Pick up Zeta and pinch nose. Ow... Zeta not like that, try bite Lexx hand. Get nose pinch again. Zeta decide not bite. Not like nose pinch. Lexx put Zeta down and give Zeta lots treats until Zeta so round, not use legs!

Lexx think funny. Lexx laugh at Zeta and Zeta get all upset that he laughed at. Zeta try get up and roll over... and over... and over.

Zeta decide, next time, not eat so much can't use legs.

Mean Stealth

Zeta back, come tell new story, all about Zeta first battle. Zeta always fight Stealth first battle, cause Stealth dice valuable. Lexx always got get Stealth first after Zeta, but Stealth bad.

Stealth trick Zeta, dump him in water, make him fall in mud. Stealth not very nice, she sneaky too. Stealth like steal Zeta chewy treats, hide them.

Zeta think he not should tell story afterall. Stealth very mean,...

Bad Epsy

Zeta have fun write Alien Dice story today! Zeta want tell another story, bout Zeta and Epsy. *Epsy that bad other dice that lick Zeta lots and bug him.

One day, Epsy take Zeta's playball, bouncy blue ball with yellow star thing. Epsy bounce it up and down... Epsy swallow ball. Bad Epsy, she got big mouth.

Zeta all sad. Zeta not have ball anymore. Mad at Epsy, so Zeta go eat Epsy ribbon. Yucky pink ribbon. Zeta not like ribbon anyway, swallow whole... then Zeta sick.

Zeta learn,... no eat Epsy things when Epsy eat his things, cause Zeta get sick and Epsy not get sick.

The end.