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Comic: Campus Safari
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Satin and Silk

* Note: originally ran parallel to Campus Safari

Campus Safari

*Note: Variance in count from the 725 strips mentioned on the comic is due to not including bonus art in the strip count to simplify relinking future archive moves, in case they are uploaded differently

  • Hiatus while Akaelae catches up - "Campus Safari has ended in this incarnation. It began a LONG time ago as one of my first comics and I want to redo it with better art and updated writing.

I had to stop doing it primarily to avoid 'fixing' events in Akaelae and closing off avenues of story that I may want to change and well.. I don't really intend to CHANGE the majority of Campus Safari. I intend to ADD to it!"

I have a 5 page prologue/set up and two chapters completed of Campus Safari 2.0. It WILL likely just be Campus Safari with some sort of notation that it's separate from the original. I haven't decided how I'm going to do it. I don't want to replace the original content, so will not take it down. But I HAVE wiped my mental slate pretty clean. Final characters ARE Chatin, Cilke, Silver, Rad and Lucian to start with. EVERYONE is getting an update... out of the 1980s. Good grief, Silver and Rad were the worst offenders. :D They were created in the 1980s. :D There will be some similar events to the original and maybe I'll recycle a joke or two, but I've updated stuff and I must say... I was giggling at an image of Rad to the rescue on one of these that is just so HER and so completely nuts. :D I updated her dumping locale.