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Cyantian "Bats" are creations by Exotica Genoworks for use by the Fox Imperial Military for use as assassins. Only one, "Spooky," was known of during the Campus Safari strips. She stated she knew of six brothers before her escape. Their whereabouts are unknown.

During Akaelae Lucian was introduced. Though not much has been said yet of his history, it seems his batch was different than Spooky's.

Cyantian Bats stand about four and a half feet high, and have excellent hearing (although they can be fooled if they're caught unaware). They can fly, but cannot really hold onto anything while in flight. They have a short coat of fur with head hair. Their eyesight is poor but correctable with eyeglasses or other devices.

They were developed from Sun Bats of Cyantia, rather than Terran Bats.

They have a 'thumb' of sorts on either side of their foot. Though they still walk plantigrade, their foot can curl to grip things and be used to hang upside down.

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