Lexx's Island

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Lexx's island is located on Earth, and is a small island in the Gulf of Mexico. (AD Day 21, strip 10)

It's usually hot down on the beach, though it's also windy at times. It has soft sand, looking out over a beautiful rolling beach with patches of grass here and there, and a few palm trees, their fronds waving in a gentle breeze. Further in there's an expansive forest of exotic trees with the echoing calls of birds and monkeys. It's perfect for water training. (AD Day 4, strip 3) There are also rocks on parts of the shore that the waves crash against. (AD Day 4, strip 4)

When Kane arrived on his ship, Lexx sent her down to his island as a safe place to stay. (AD Day 10, strip 35) There she would meet Damian, who took it upon himself to bring supplies and necessities for staying on the island, (AD Day 12, strip 17) which annoyed Lexx some since the island was his, and he had plans for the island. (AD Day 12, strip 20) It was not improved when Damian mentioned plans to turn the island into a fringe world resort... which he refused due to the possibility of it attracting the attention of Earth governments, (AD Day 12, strip 21) and not wanting thousands of aliens coming there. (AD Day 12, strip 22) Kane liked Damian's idea, and pushed that she should get half the island - Lexx refused that, but conceded allowing Damian to build her a small place to stay. (AD Day 12, strip 23)

Further down the beach, near the area that Lexx frequently visited, Damian had been very busy. In only a few days, he had made use of the natural caves in the mountains to set up a rather expansive living area. With Lexx's safety in mind, he had even installed security systems within a mile perimeter of the island. There was also a way to completely conceal all of the living areas from outsiders and protect it from inclement weather. While he was there, several of his Dice also wandered the island. (AD Day 18, strip 15) The building on the island was done mostly according to the plans he saw Lexx had for the island over the relay, and was equipped with the barest of furnishings so Lexx could complete it himself. (AD Day 18, strip 16)

Damian had made sure that every refrigerator was stocked with various drinks and liquors, as well as some that were of Littan brand. One of the rooms had even been turned into storage for the best he could find. (AD Day 18, strip 65)

Elegant tapestries hung on the walls. The floors are made out of some kind of wood that doesn't creak, but rather emits a very soft musical tune when you walk on it, with the tone changing on weight and how fast you walked. Billowing curtains framed the walkways, even where there weren’t doors, and were hung so their fringes continually brushed on the floor to make music. (AD Day 20, strip 80)

The rooms made for Chel feature a balcony and a beautiful view of the ocean. (AD Day 21, strip 25) It has a beautifully ornate black door with gold and purple designs that looked as though they had been drawn into it with a fine pencil. Four of her bedrooms would fit in the entry room, and from there she could see two more doors to adjoining rooms, one with stairs. She could also see through the windows to a beautiful view of a balcony and the ocean. (AD Day 21, strip 26)

When Lexx later saw what Damian had done he found it both perfect, and perfectly loathsome. The layout was precisely as he envisioned it, but he didn't have the memories of building it with his own hands, and in a way, made it feel like it wasn't truly his. (AD day 20, strip 79) He would later chew Damian out about it, but also grudgingly thank him. (AD Day 21, strip 20)

Unfortunately Damian would keep a personal all-access keycard that would allow him into Lexx's personal quarters - Lexx would have to put a stop to that. (AD day 21, strip 65)