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When the Rumuah came to Cyantia to settle there, they found a planet teaming with life, both in the oceans and on land, both sentient and non sentient. They never made contact with this life however, remaining to themselves, and designing their own servants out of genetic stock brought with them from Terra.

They were an ancient race dwindling to nothing due to a degenerative disease that caused their bodies to gradually atrophy. (Akaelae, strip 38)

According to old Cyantian records, they supposedly created humans, but they were a failure since the humans wouldn't cooperate with them. (Akaelae, strip 38) After that they created the Talin who were slightly better than humans, though also worse in some ways, (Akaelae, strip 39) so they then created the Ricael. (Akaelae, strip 40)

  • In actuality, they created the Servant races from animals they gathered long ago on Earth. First the Ricael as intelligent beautiful creatures, who were not quite adequate, then the Talin, who were also not adequate, nor the Humans they then also gathered. (Darius, strip 224)
  • The samples they collected came from various random locations and times.

Because they kept to themselves, no one knows what happened to the Rumuah, they simply disappeared. They left behind them their genetically engineered servants, the Immigrant Cyantians who spread across the land, making it their own.

They also left instructions for when they were gone with the four pillars of Cyantia: Lidya (a red and white Mouse), Sair (a gray Snow Leopard), Akaelae (a white Wolf), and Tristan (a gold Fox). (Akaelae, strip 42)

They are also supposed to be the creators of the Three Sisters, and possibly Dior. (Akaelae, strip 41)

The current population is entombed in cells in a giant honeycomb deep within ancient ruins, patrolled by robotic bees. (Darius, strip 204)

The language the Wolves currently speak is referred to as 'Servant Speak' by them. (Darius, strip 218)

They were very sick with a genetic disease, and hadn't been seen by Cyantians for thousands of years. (Darius, strip 220) (Basically, they made so many changes to their environment that it turned on them and so many changes to their bodies that once they reach full maturity they start wasting away.)

It was supposed to be set-up so that there would always be a Caretaker present watching over the Cyantians, and advancing them in their knowledge. (Darius, strip 221) Since the disease would take them when they became an adult, the Caretakers were all children, and would awaken the next Caretaker and share their findings upon their death. (Darius, strip 222) Over two centuries before the time of Darius however, the Caretaker of that time broke the chain. They recorded their findings, but sent all the Cyantians/Servants away and sealed the chamber, hopeful they would be rediscovered when the Cyantians medical knowledge had progressed enough to cure their disease. (Darius, strip 223)

They have genetic memory. (Darius, strip 225)

The ability to create life was considered restricted technology, because building life is very dangerous, and modification of life is the reason the disease is killing them. They destroyed themselves in pursuit of perfection. (Darius, strip 227)

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