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Siracs - Psionic Raccoons

One of Exotica Genoworks many experiments, Siracs were the result of research into psionic abilities. Although multiple small batches of Siracs were made, most research data was lost during an explosion at Exotica Genowork's main installation (in Satin & Silk prequel).

All Siracs have some sort of psionic aptitude, though the extent, power and versatility of these abilities varies greatly. Almost all Sirac are able to communicate telepathically when within a range, and some have shown capability of carrying this ability over to non-Siracs as well.

It should be noted that while all Siracs are Exotica Raccoons, not all Raccoons are Siracs.

At the time of this writing in early Akaelae, known Siracs in existence are:

There was an older batch of Siracs (about 2-3 years) than these, about a dozen or so, with limited abilities. Quinn and Collin were the youngest, the most advanced and the second to last of the group created with those abilities. There are probably three more younger than them out there somewhere.

  • Some of the earliest batches walked through the walls and escaped before the others were old enough to know how. By the time they were old enough, there was a field set up that they couldn't phase through. (Genoworks Saga, strip 53)

On the night that Collin and Quinn escaped, the others who did not were escorted out and their genetic records were burned. Those outwardly useful to the militia were kept, and the rest were sold off.

Known Psionic Abilities


The ability to move objects with the power of the mind. Collin is supposed to strongly possess this ability.


Quinn can fly - it's one of her abilities. Collin can't do it as well as Quinn can. Possibly an extension of telekinetic abilities.

Phase Shift

The Sirac Phase Shift ability works by allowing the Sirac to move its atoms between the space between the object's atoms. This means that there is nothing to stop a Sirac moving thorough a person, but doing so will probably cause some sort of distress to the person in question. Thus polite Siracs like Collin and Quinn won't be doing that.


In general works like the Technomages' ability, with the transposition of the teleporter with matter (usually air) from the site being teleported too. Quinn's is slightly different, as she is actually dimension-hopping between her reality and that of her 'friends', but can go there and back almost instantly, making it function like a teleport. The chances of a Sirac teleporting into someone happening by chance are remote, as any teleportation ability (which it should be noted that only Quinn has manifested this ability) used by Siracs is usually limited to within the radius of them being able to divine what is in that area, so there is no such thing as a totally blind teleport. In the event of that happening, however, it would probably result in the subject being forced to one side. Tele-fragging is unlikely to occur, as if it did, then it would be lethal to both parties.


The power and range of a Sirac's telepathic and empathic abilities vary from being to being. Marion has an extremely powerful telepathic ability of unknown range, for example, although her ability to use it to influence others' behaviors is of very short range. It should be noted that Siracs do not read minds. They read the thoughts, be they surface or deeper subconscious, of the being, so as long as the being never thinks a certain memory the Sirac would probably not know of it's existence. Likewise, if someone is preoccupied with something, or is having emotionally charged thoughts in the front of their mind, it jumps out at them as if broadcast and requires almost no ability to see.

Conscious control varies and is usually a learned action for the Sirac. They can 'read minds' both consciously and subconsciously depending on how developed or controlled their abilities are. In Collin's case, it looks to be largely subconscious as he has trouble filtering out other's thoughts. The only hindrance is the Sirac being aware of someone using the ability. There might be a material that blocks Sirac abilities but they are not as yet defined in canon. It should also be noted that it is possible that intense electro-magnetic fields might possible have effects on Sirac abilities, but again this is only hypothesis and not established in canon.

Whether a Sirac or non-Sirac can sense being telepathically probed depends on the extent of the probing and how skilled the Sirac doing the probing is. Some Siracs are very capable of listening (a passive technique) in to the thoughts of others without having to 'touch' (an active technique) the other's mind. Obviously if both Siracs are within listening radius of each other, then that becomes harder. Once a Sirac is aware of the intrusion, however, it can easily be blocked if the Sirac knows how. Again, this is something that the Sirac learns as they gain experience with their powers, usually as a side effect of not wanting headaches when they go out in public. As for normal people sensing a Sirac using their abilities on them, it's usually only if the Sirac is using an active probing technique. That isn't to say that a non-Sirac can't learn to block out a Sirac's abilities.

This ability means they have more channels of input to pick up information while learning, so they would learn quicker and be more likely to retain the information. It also would make them great tutors as they would know what their student wasn't getting in whatever was being taught, and how best to get through to them.

A Sirac's ability to handle static, that mental garbage that has little relation to what is going on, depends on the Sirac's ability to 'filter' out the static, which is greatly related to their ability to filter out other people's surface thoughts. Most Sirac would be able to filter out static at a young age, however, just like normal people filter out background noises.


A derivative of telepathy possessed by Marion. It allows her to influence and affect the actions of the unaware. In short proximity, it may also be capable of disabling a person's ability to move.


Another derivative of telepathy, most strongly displayed by Collin, though Marion seems to have a limited ability (although she can change her appearance, she can't change her shadow). This allows the possessor to slip into the minds of sleepers and view their dreams, changing to fit the surroundings of the dreamscape so the dreamer is often unaware.

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