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Digni are the race of creatures responsible for the massive network of underground tunnels that spread all over Cyantia, including under the oceans. They are a race of underground architects and explorers, and as a whole are a pleasant people who would not harm other people if they can avoid it. Their cities are located underground.

They are often referred to as 'Diggers' by Cyantians. They resemble anthropomorphic armadillos (or Roisok), and are earth toned, from black and gold to red, white, and black. They have two toes and four fingers. They don't normally have excessive markings, but do have a thing for 'tattooing' of the non-scarring kind (a type of permanent paint that's not as dangerous or painful).

They are a mostly nocturnal race, so any celebrations they hold tend to last all night.

They are eager to learn and don't see a problem with sharing their world with a species that didn't originate there. They are also masters of old languages.

Digni schools are far different from Wolven schools. Digni had scholars who taught ten to twenty students of all ages at the same time, and the students had the same teachers for most of their lives and were often shuffled amongst them depending on their proficiencies.

A tribe of Digni rescued Cisco when Syrys Akaelae was forced to abandon him in their escape from the Genoworks facility and raised him.

  • It is their way to welcome into their family children who are lost and found. (Genoworks Saga, strip 176)

One thing about the Digni... they have a LOT of bolt holes and they know where they are at all times. Some of the bolt holes are kept stocked with a fire-pit, wood, and kindling. The Digni set up such holes in case one of their kind is caught in bad weather outside of the main holes. Local wildlife avoid these holes for the most part because of the Digni scent and knowing where they are. The young ones are always shown the best places to hide in case of danger... or hide and seek. Older ones can do some serious digging.

Dignis may have been responsible for the Rabbit stories of Phantom Carrot Fields, since they enjoyed stealing harvests from under the ground before they were known about. (Sink or Swim, strip 182)

Digni like to keep Roisok for pets to help in excavation and hunting. While they respect the Shivae and have domesticated them in certain areas, for the most part their paths rarely cross. (Cler, strip 168) The wild Shivae do avoid them due to their occasionally taking a Shivae chick, but do not concern themselves with the domesticated Shivae since they no longer 'speak'. (Cler, strip 214)

Elder Digni get very large because they never really stop growing. They just grow incredibly slow the older they get.

One of the things that the Digni really like is HOT and SPICY food. It really warms a person up.

They consider parents to be mother, father, and maither. Actually, Maither is a non-breeding female who aids in raising the primary couple’s offspring. There can be several of them per male. Non-breeding doesn’t mean nonsexual relationship, just that there are no offspring. They are also often not treated well and considered lowly servants. It’s also a term for a single mother, deemed not good enough to have a mate.

It's quite EASY to make a baby Digni - there's pretty much a 100% fertility rate. They know that every time you mate, you're going to get pregnant in the following spring season. They carry fertilized embryos in a kind of stasis once they're fertilized *no matter what time of year* until the spring. They lay eggs by the way.

They spend a considerable amount of time once they reach young adulthood practicing relationships. For three seasons out of the year, young Digni are paired up by their own choosing. The catch is... they must REMAIN with whomever they choose the entire three seasons whether they get along or not. They usually repeat the process until they find their significant other and fully bond.

The Digni actually have a weird polygamy system - every other daughter is marked and will never be allowed to have children. She is a 'second wife' who tends to be pretty much a servant to her husband and help raise their children.

  • There's an unfriendly species out there known as Korin that like to hide in abandoned Digni tunnels. (Akaelae, strip 597)

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