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The majority of the native cyantians do not have mammary glands - most of the infants can eat immediately after birth.

They have their own languages which differ than that spoken by the Immigrant Cyantians.

Many Digni tend to live on (or under) the continent of Rillora, not minding the presence of Immigrant Cyantians, and tend to get along quite well with the wolves and the mounties.

There are several abandoned Digni tunnels near Gralen Cragg, the Digni themselves live deeper in the mountains. They seem to get along with the Mounties as Silver says they're very nice. (Akaelae, strip 596) A species called Korin are not, and tend to hide in abandoned Digni tunnels however. (Akaelae, strip 597)

The others live mainly on the continent of Aciace.


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