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Damian comes from the planet Sairah, a tropical planet of rain forests and small oceans. The climate is consistently humid, rains constantly, and variations in seasons are slight. Damian's people are highly advanced and most of their homes are situated in treelike structures amidst the natural towers of their surroundings. Others ring the oceans.

The Sairah are unique, being one of the few humanoid races that are comparable to humans. Outwardly, it would be easy to mistake one for a human. Their skin tones range from dark to light, mainly dark/tanned skin, with green or blue eyes. They average a foot taller than humans, Rishans, and Littans. The lighter skinned Sairah are only lighter skinned because they NEVER leave their cities, which are completely enclosed and climate controlled to a little bit cooler temperature than is normal outside (they love air-conditioning). AT one time, they lived mainly on the poles of their planets, where it was more tolerable. Many of them have never breathed the actual air of their own planet and Damian,... is not an exception to that class.

A few darker skinned Sairah live outside the domes, and tend to bundle up in heavy cloaks and shiver on space stations, suggesting a preference for heat.

The Sairah lived on a tropical planet where it rained constantly and was fairly hot, but they had built self contained cities to avoid the heat and Damian was about as usual of a representative of their kind as possible. Pale, tall and thin with a strong inclination toward air conditioning. But, Lexx had seen other Sairah that didn't look like Damian. They lived outside the domes and were dark skinned and shivered in the space stations. They'd usually be bundled up in heavy cloaks and robes instead of the standard light ones. (AD Day 7, strip 22)

The main physical differences between a Sairah and a human is the shape of their ears. Sairah have ears that slope down in a conical shape. The other difference, is less noticeable. Sairah are advanced hermaphrodites, that is, most of them are both male and female biologically. As children, they are indistinguishable as having a defining sex. At puberty *Which occurs around the age of 10* they begin to develop either masculine or feminine physical traits, some to a greater degree than others. *This has brought about an almost exact 50/50 split of males and females.* By human standards, it's easier to tell which ones are female than which ones are male as they are all fine boned and effeminate in features. They can tell each other apart just fine and usually look for someone that's opposite of themselves to be complete and have families (Usually it works out to the same split of Male/Female, but in this case, if one is incapable of bearing children, the other can). It's more of a survival trait for them should there be a situation in which there's few of one sex than the other. *Although, the more masculine ones tend to be more attracted to the more feminine ones for a proper mix of genes, but if you stick a bunch of males or females together, quite a few of them would gradually become the opposite sex (has to do with pheromones), depending on how close they are already to that (males who are on the line, will shift to female and vice versa in the right conditions, the ones that are strongest male or female, will usually retain their sexuality.) The speed of this change is completely dependent on the degree of 'maleness' vs 'femaleness' there is. Pure males and females are at about the same ratio as human hermaphrodites occur. They don't act against their physical bodies though, usually they follow what they are physically. That doesn't stop comments being made that come across VERY inappropriately although meant in the kindest way, and isolation makes them swing even further into whatever gender they already are. The change is purely for survival, they go back to whatever gender they were before the problem once it passes. They usually stick to one sex.

They aren't androgynous, they just possess both male and female parts. Depending on their hormone levels and gender density, when they hit puberty they become either male or female. Physically, even 'pure' males do not get big and bulky, but they are definitely different in appearance from females who are thinner and have breasts. It's the ones in the middle that tend to be androgynous. They are fewer in number, just like 'pure' males and females. Most are just varying degrees along male and female with a definite mentality of one or the other, even if their body changes sex due to an unequal gender density. Purely androgynous ones will usually be the first to go to fill any gaps, say if there are too many males and not enough females. Most of it's just hormones. Damian's considered close to a pure male.

Sairah are commonly insulted for the way their physiology is set up and works... even though it makes them virtually impossible to wipe out as long as a few remain, even if they're all male or female. It's that duality that gets them insulted as being neither male or female, even though they tend to BE either male or female with the ability to switch genders if necessary for procreation.

  • There are some which are 'Pure Alpha Males'. They would never take on any feminine characteristics no matter how their environment might change. They were powerful, aggressive and unpredictable. Even though Damian was near their end of the spectrum and an average male Sairah, there was a huge difference in their builds and demeanor. Damian had no desires for violence or dominance, traits which were associated with so called pure Sairah males … and females. They have been known to kill people by accident. (AD Day 22, strip 201)

The only time their kind have full breasts is when they're pregnant and yes, they are mammalian. *And,... the ones wired male really, really like the sight of a pregnant female. All Sairah are capable of conceiving and bearing children, but they also have a cycle. The cycle is dormant in primary males, active in females and yes, it's just as annoying as human females on their cycle. Males are not nearly as exposed as human males. They have better internal control of their heat. They don't have visible gonads if they're male. They're kept internal and the penis is sheathed and protected by bone. They have a slightly different skeletal build with a bone plate *about the same size as a rib* that goes across the front of their pelvis. Kicking a Sairah in that area, will not disable them like it would a human male... it'll tick them off, but not hurt them. *Well, unless you break the bone, then they're in a world of pain.* The bone also acts as a kind of stabilizer in the females so that their pregnancies aren't quite as pressuring on smaller organs. And yes,... there is an entrance on all of them into the Vagina below where the penis is situated and in both, it is covered by skin until broken through sex, extreme activity or accident. *And now you're wondering... ok, if it's not broken, how do the females cycle,.. well, probably not,.. but they have it better than human females. Everything is simply cleaned and taken care of through the blood stream.

Relationships are taken very seriously and not looked at in a way that would be seen as 'normal' to an average human. The males are very vocal about how they're feeling and would probably put any human male into a panic by their openness, which is perfectly acceptable among their own kind. And the females... the females are very prone to vicious mood swings and are far more aggressive to the point that they would threaten any human female immediately. They do consider virginity and abstinence a good thing and encourage it.

They're another race, they don't work on human rules, although they do have common ethics, as do many alien races. They do things the way THEY do things, not the way humans do things and you can't look at them as humans nor hold them to human social rules. That's not to say that they're rude, they're a very polite and sophisticated race,... but the males will compliment other males on what they're wearing, how they're looking, etc. Sairah are excessively quirky people with a love of the finer things, culture, arts and music... and recreation. They were the ones who brought Alien Dice to its current popularity. Damian is a spoiled rich Sairah, used to getting whatever he wants, although it's more along the realm of whining until he gets it than taking it by force. He is also a HE, despite some of the comments he might make that would make you think otherwise.

Sairah do not allow the exchange of children to pay off debts, and heavily frown upon those that do. (AD Day 18, strip 80)

They believe every soul has its star and no one really dies until their star fades.

They have the ability to speak without being heard in others thoughts, and some can even continue to speak vocally while doing so. (AD, Day 4, strip 21) Those in whom the ability is weak may be implanted as early as birth with a device to enhance it. (AD Day 5, strip 1)

Sairah and Kourwine were different races, but there was some speculation that at one time they had been one race. There was a also a general theory that they had also come from another even older race that had spawned the Littans. It was thought that they had remarkable adaptation abilities and changed abruptly depending on their environments over generations. Some might call it evolution, but there was evidence of something else, a kind of cell that was self aware of the environment and changed DNA on its own, gradually. This was what all three races had in common. (AD Day 7, strip 22)

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