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General Information about Mars Academy

Cyantian Academy built on Mars in conjunction with the terraforming project. The current headmaster is Darius Akaelae. It is the setting of several Cyantian strips, including Campus Safari and No Angel, as well as for the Mars Academy Role Playing Game.

Terraforming began on Mars around 5 years ago. The Colony itself is only about 1 year old, and the Academy the same age. (This might be 2 years, but not more than that.) Before that, any Cyantian presence on the surface would probably be brief and related to the terraforming project, and not very likely to be known by any but people with high security clearance.

Cyantians are very resistant to allowing just anyone into their schools, near their kind. Do you notice how few adults show up in the stories? Pretty much none, unless they've KNOWN Cyantians since they were teens or kids. They are welcoming, yes, but since this isn't something addressed before: Any adult, say someone over the age of 25 will have a round the clock escort, not just a locking band for quite some time and even if there is some exception to that, he'd NEVER be able to hide another person. It can't be done. Their technology would pick it up without some sort of Cyantian based cloaking technology like Rama uses.

All Cyantians are required to speak English, Spanish, and/or Japanese only there - no translators. (Campus Safari, strip 125)

There are regular communications between the Academy and Cyantia. It takes only a few minutes for a message sent through the warp gate to reach its destination. However, this requires the warp gate be open. This probably happens twice a day specifically for communications reasons. Messages recorded to be sent during any other time would be stored along with their planned destination, and sent during the next communications opening. Presumably, messages from Cyantia would be gathered together and sent at the same time, and with the same delay.

Mars Academy runs as more of a closed economic system. The cafeteria IS free for students to use but you'll also notice mention of a chit card. You have to be registered as a student or faculty to eat. This same model accounts for why they have no system for charging at Academy Medical. They are set up to be freely available to all as a service, funded just as the cafeteria and other services are."

The Akaelaes take in a LOT of hard luck cases. Darius paid for Jules and Marcus. He also covers all the humans except for Alex so they don't really worry about money. At times, they will be expected to work. The lifters do a lot of mechanical work on up-keeping the lifts, the technomages do miscellaneous things if they WANT extra money.

Gymnasiums and all other public places are kept open 24 hours to accommodate those with nocturnal habits.

There is a limit to the number of pets a student is allowed... one. If the residential coordinator finds out a student has more than one pet, he or she has to confiscate them. So most make sure whatever they get is easy to hide. Terran pets are uncommon as the pet shops at the Academy do not stock any at this time.

Mars Security is the BEST. Even if there are a few small holes, they're fleeting and quickly fixed. Normally, there isn't anything beyond a little bit of scuffling, because they will be descended upon by massive security to break up any conflict that goes beyond the typical snarling, snapping, punching, 'as long as no-one is in serious danger', and they will be immediately escorted to the brig.

The Academy itself is a place where one comes to learn about the world and as part of that, deal with situations that come up. Severe violence rarely happens, although we DO have a criminal element streak that is running through the Academy and there are prejudices in some cases.

Plans for the Academy: it's like any college-centered town, only worse, because it's going to end up being a trade port as well and a main colony city. Trouble happens. There's probably even a few characters who are undertaking some really severe illegal activities, but they just haven't been uncovered yet, plus... there is a looming threat.

For the fallen security guards, the a funeral/memorial takes place within a couple of days, but they'll be shipped off to Cyantia for burial unless they had other arrangements. Being shipped directly into the sun isn't an uncommon request. Burying anyone on Mars wouldn't really be a good thing, considering the water falling still.

Although there are many aid programs in place to help students, there currently aren't any for students wanting to be chefs. Most cooking students go to Cuitain Academy rather than Mars Academy. [1]

There is an entire section of the Academy which is essentially a huge pool with underwater rooms, along with above water rooms with beds that are water. Most of the aquatics reside in this area.

Population of Academy


This is a Wolf Elite Academy, so these should be very numerous likely to the point of outnumbering all others.


As very close allies to the Wolves, Mounties should also be very populus. Furthermore, Mounty breeding habits in some Halls might lend a high enough birthrate to match or outnumber the Wolves. In the Academy, there are around 200 mounties total, most around the teenaged age.


90% of all Foxes were wiped out by a plague genengineered by Fox scientists in the capital Vixinte. Few Foxes were naturally immune to the plague, so expect most Fox survivors to be from rural areas. Thanks to Wolf relief efforts, the Foxes are officially allied to them and can receive their higher learning at one of the two Wolf Elite Academies.


They lack a homeland of their own (though one might soon be formed from territory held by the Foxes prior to the plague), and instead live in communities among most other types of Immigrant Cyantians. With their high rate of reproduction, Mice are common almost everywhere including the Academy.

Rabbits & Rams

They are currently on friendly terms with the Wolves. They would be somewhat common, but in small numbers - one or two in any core class. Most Rabbits and Rams tend to avoid extremely technical fields, but doubtless there are exceptions.


For centuries, the Immigrant Cyantians were largely unaware of the civilization beneath their feet. In recent years however, the Wolves and Mounties have attempted to correct this. They remain rare in most communities, but are more common at places like the Academy.


The Mars Academy has one of the highest concentrations of landwalker Aquatics anywhere. They are still less numerous than Wolves, Mounties, and Mice, but they should still be a fairly common sight.


While most attend the Academy at Avistery, it certainly shouldn't be odd to see one walking down the hall. They are uncommon, but definitely present.


We've got way too many of the troublemakers. The toilets are not safe, I tell you!


The Elite Academies have very good reputations, so academically inclined beings from all over Cyantia and even beyond (as in the case of Rad) come to them for higher learning. While still a rare sight, they stand out far less here than they would in Centralis.


The Mars Academy is made out of a ship. If you look at the logo, the dome and everything under it is still the original ship - basically a self-sufficient flying city - though not necessarily the pylons. In such a situation, it wouldn't be necessary to deconstruct the original ship because it would already contain the tools needed to build other structures from local resources."

Now... there is actually a wing of the ship that is submerged just for the purpose of providing a habitat for aquatics, with separate rooms set up for privacy, specially lit, etc. Might be careful of it though,.. since the lowest public pool in the academy is a salt water pool. It's open to anyone, but you'd best keep in mind that there are things there that are mischievous and don't need to come up for air. It's also about 20 feet deep at the deepest point, life guards are always present just in case,... but you go there only if you're wanting to be picked on for not being able to breathe underwater. Really neat place to go snorkeling.

The dorm U's into the garden, leaving the area called the shaft open into the garden like a big courtyard. It's easily turned into an X shape by simply building directly into the rock that's on the other side, outside the ship itself. *Of course, the garden extends a lot further out. It's circular in design as a biosphere.

The Living Quarters are an approximately U-shaped building - actually closer to a semi-circle in shape - set at one edge of a circular Garden area. A sky-bridge connects floor D at the outermost ends of the U. Since the building design lacks any right angles when viewed top-down, it would be pointless to designate any cardinal direction, and thus rooms would simply be floor letter and number. Assuming 100 rooms to the floor, 50 and 51 would be dead center.

There are a lot of paths winding through the garden that are meant to be merely walked upon with little 'shelves' here and there where you can sit and talk or such stuff. These paths are around a foot to ten feet off the surface of the garden. (Sean and Jules were knocked off one of these.) The actual arches that go to the observatory are much, MUCH higher

There are parks and little walk areas adjoined to each room on balconies. There are also little areas that are created just for pets and familiars to socialize a bit on their own. The little whips and gryphons don't have to accompany their masters once they are used to them, they can be allowed to run free... provided they're tagged and up to date on shots and things. Most of them won't bother anyone and if you keep them inside alone, they tear things up. They are EXTREMELY social animals.

It is preferred nobody flies in the chute between the balconies, especially if they're larger than the usual flying pets, as there's too much room for error and not enough room for a full-sized wingspan. [2]

The layouts of each room differ from room to room and floor to floor. The showers/tubs/bathing room/drying area are separate of any toilets. If you think about it, .. it really is weird to have a toilet in the same room where you get clean. For Cyantians, they're usually in a separate small room off the bathroom.

Overview of Floor plan For The Main Dorm

There are thousands of students there so it's a grand scale, although there will be more buildings in the future so it's not like a mini metropolis.

Floor one, above the garden, is a recreation area. This is where the holodome is located, taking up areas in floor one and two.

Floor two is extended recreation, viewing rooms, etc. Many rooms are combined into floor one.

Floor three is the Fox floor. It's designed by Fox in their own style to make their own kind feel at home. Multiple class groups are located here.

Floors four and five and primarily first year students with a scattering of upper class-men to help them out.

Floors six through twelve are for returning students.

Floor twelve is for final year/teaching aid students, those about to graduate or who are remaining beyond their education for teaching purposes. This is a private floor that you can only get to by invitation.

Floors thirteen through fourteen are faculty floors. Also, you must be invited.

Floor fifteen is is the Mounty floor. This is where Brix and the majority of the humans reside.

Floor sixteen (and parts of other floors) is the main area for security.

Floor seventeen is the communications floor. (There is also a tower out in the courtyard which you will often find Celina in.. and sometimes get campus radio.)

Floor eighteen is a meeting floor and extends outside the dome. *Note that an entire side of the dorms extend out into the dome.

Below the garden, the building above ground is where most of the staff stays. The main cafeteria is located at ground level. Below the cafeteria floors (There are actually two, because the cafeteria has an open court with a balcony all the way around it where students can go up to a second floor to eat) there is one floor for first year students. (Primarily students who are under the age of usual entry into the Academy.) This area also extends underneath the garden itself. (You can also get access to the Koyoti area from this floor. The Koyoti who tend the garden and have families are located here, on the other side of the Garden. There is also a Digni area located directly UNDER the garden itself.)

The second and third underground floors contain weight rooms, indoor track fields, playing courts, swimming pools, etc. From here, you can reach the actual Lift and shuttle bays where mechanics practice their craft. This area also leads to the underground caverns that allow ships to enter and leave.

The fourth and fifth underground floors, below the athletics area, are classrooms, including lift simulator classrooms, piloting programs, etc.

The sixth floor is what is referred to as the District, which is where shop owners have temporarily set up little stores and shops. This is the bottom floor.

MARPG Floorplan

And, for the layout: The Main Building is U shaped from the 2nd level and up. All floors can be summarised as:

B06 - Commercial District
B05 - Classrooms
B04 - Classrooms
B03 - Athletic & Gym
B02 - Athletic & Gym
B01 - Cafeteria
01 - Cafeteria, Reception & Lobby
02 - Extended Recreation (Lounges, Public Viewers)
03 - Fox Floor (Primary Fox residence)
04 - Student Residences (1 Years)
05 - Student Residences (1 Years)
06 - Student Residences (Returning Students)
07 - Student Residences (Returning Students)
08 - Student Residences (Returning Students)
09 - Student Residences (Returning Students)
10 - Student Residences (Returning Students)
11 - Student Residences (Returning Students)
12 - Student Residences (Final Year & Teaching Assistants, Invite Only)
13 - Faculty (Invite Only)
14 - Faculty (Invite Only)
15 - Mounty Floor (Invite Only, Majority of Humans)
16 - Security (Main Holding?)
17 - Communications (Inc. Comm Tower which extends outside of building over the Garden)
18 - Observation Level (Extends completely outside the dome)

There is a second building allocated for residences as well. This building is X shaped and was used during the last semester due to some renovation work going on. It has 4 levels and 4 wings.

The South Wing of Floors 01 and 02 is occupied by the Aquatic Habitat, which is two floors worth of area with underwater chambers for sleeping and some underwater chambers filled with air.

Aquatic rooms on the second floor have air in them. Outside, a portion of the garden floor adjacent to this section of the building has been terraformed up to meet the water level. There's an exterior pool access here that has a nice sandy beach for ten feet, then a twenty-foot perimeter of flora and fauna.

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