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Most cultures (excluding Human) in the Cyantia Universe are star faring, but for the most part are just beginning to explore the Galaxy.

Wolves are the most highly advanced of the Immigrant Cyantians, mainly due to the fact that they engage in the most technological trade and research with other more advanced creatures. Most of their technology is oriented around making their lives better and defense. Their cities are powered by Fission/Fusion energy. Each home/facility is outfitted with a fully functional matter conversion reactor, capable of performing fusion/fission on common household waste. (Editor note, assigning this system is fully efficient and shielded; the output of these generators would typically be pure lead. Fission is exothermic for all elements above lead on the charts, and fusion is exothermic for all elements below it.) Just toss in the daily trash and you have enough power to do whatever you need to in the home. Very clean and efficient, plus prevents citywide blackouts when each home is set up in this way.

The Wolves only progress their tech for war type things in the offensive way to a point it needs to be, which is only a step above humans. Most of their equipment can be taken down by a well placed shot. Pretty much equal ground to human tech until you bring in a master lift or some of the newest heavy lifts. Now, the defensive tech would be nigh impenetrable - they can sit back and wait for a very long time.

Biological / Agricultural / Architecture / Engineering on the other hand would be far, far beyond humans. Technologically, Wolves are far more advanced than humans in terms of medicine, and medical technology, though they lag behind the Fox in terms of genetic experimentation, mainly because Wolf medical ethics and legal codes forbid the sort of experimentation that goes on in Fox medical labs. One area in which they remain on a level with humans is in regards to dealing with viral infections.

Situations in the past have led them to a pretty strong isolationist policy for a VERY long time. They will defend themselves, but have little interest in outwardly attacking anyone. (They have in the past... )

Mounty Technology is for the most part similar to the Wolf technology, but in almost all respects a little lower.

Foxes tend to lag a short distance behind the Wolves in most fields, because most of their technology is in fact stolen from the Wolves. The one area where they uniformly surpass the Wolves is in genetic enhancement mainly because the Wolves don't ALLOW the experimentation that goes on with the Fox. The Fox are also the masters of the technomages. They've perfected the use of a small mobile fusion reactor as an additional weapon and a very useful one at that.

Power sources usually use either cold fusion or Liquid Energy (it's highly concentrated and glows a blue color, its best feature is how little you need to power ships and how easily it is stored when frozen. (Used primarily in vehicles, as it is explosive, and thus somewhat dangerous.))

Most Cyantian races have learned to access a "pocket space." This is where Lifts are stored, also where Xaibar keep their alternate forms. Humanity does not have the technology to access pocket space. Pocket spaces are generally attached to a person or item, and move with that person or item. Many Elite Cyantians use pocket space as "general storage" rather than storing single large items there. They will typically carry electronic notepads categorizing and organizing what is currently stored, allowing them to easily call up what they need.

Things to keep in mind regarding technology: Cyantians are mainly DEFENSIVE oriented. They are not an attacking race and have put the majority of their advances in the areas of defending themselves and holding off invaders long enough to build a weapon. Most of their big powerful weapons are not mobile. *This is for the Wolves mainly, since they're the main race that does everything. They're also the most technologically advanced of the Cyantians.* They also favor up close combat as opposed to just shooting someone from afar. This is more or less to keep civilians from being injured in a battle.

Disruption fields, force shields, barriers, blocking devices, evasive maneuvers over sheer power and attacking force. The majority of security is outfitted in light or moderate Lifts which are tweaked for maximum speed and outfitted mainly with nonlethal deterrents, such as stun guns, nets, grappling cords, bolas, etc. The heavy lifts are the ones with the power, and the master lifts... which as mentioned before, there's only TWO of them on Mars are the ones that come out only when there's a serious threat are armed enough to wipe out all of the forces on Mars that might want to oppose them,... hence why they aren't brought out except as a last measure or in cases like just displayed when your enemy's big and fast. *There's also that aspect that the lift might turn and attack. It's already been mentioned that they're alive in a way and that way isn't a good one. Let's just say they were another 'project' taken from the old Genoworks labs that were converted to pure military facilities and you know what... the military was much messier and twisted the rules more than Genoworks ever would have. They had SOME ethical boundaries even they wouldn't cross and were pushed to the limits on *The Coons are one example.* ... the military didn't.

Tracers are common among Elites. They're very small and non invasive. They can be installed at any time. Neural links for Lifts and things are a different matter. They actually become hardwired into the brain and are organic. The earlier they are implanted, the better, but they are rare at the age of the cubs in Akaelae. They have them because of their genetics and because they are prepared early, just in case and because they can handle it physically. [1]

They believe that benevolent advances that aide in the survival of a species should be shared (benevolent defined as it does not hurt or kill). If a species wants their tech, it's stated ahead of time that it can only be used as intended - not taken apart and adapted to less benevolent uses, and they would impose severe ramifications on those who violate the rule. (Campus Safari, strip 260)

When on Earth they use Moomle Maps for directions and GPS, seeing no need to waste their resources to make something that has already been done. (CS2 Chapter 4, strip 4)

Mass Media

Individuals at Mars Academy are being exposed to a fairly large amount of Terran (predominantly North American and British/UK) mass media, ranging from television to radio to movies to even the internet. Some of it is being exported back to Cyantia, more so to track science on Earth. Entertainment is likely only brought back for amusement. It has not affected perceptions and styles of media on Cyantia. [2]

With Cyantian media, most programming is education based and informative. There might be recordings of just about anything that can be accessed at any time on their 'TVs', but they do have a preference for watching plays and support the arts. Their entire society is geared toward public gatherings and this is pretty much world wide. They also prefer watching things that portray their own species, so most American TV is amusing to them, but not taken as seriously as their own entertainment. In short, Cyantians can be snobs about their arts. However, there are always exceptions and the media can be imported and translated on the fly by their technology in the EXACT same voices, but in another language. This has been mentioned in No Angel (Strip 16). They can be easily transferred once being recorded on station equipment and put on data crystals, then sent to Cyantzium, where it's probably just beginning to find fans.

Cyantians don't typically 'steal' ideas from each other. They improve upon ideas and make them their own. They don't recognize Terran media rights at this time, since it's not aimed at them to begin with and has a limited following. That could mean a Cyantian version of The Office being put on in new plays monthly.

The technology in the Wolf society is taken for granted as being there and always being there. Because the wolves use vision and smell in their communication more strongly than humans ever would, social networking is not something they do. They do prefer face to face conversation and being able to easily communicate with each other is merely a convenience and way to get together. As for news, it's likely all digital at this point. No newspapers.

Technology is actually pretty much the same throughout the world of Cyantia. What is not the same is the people's access to it. The Fox are currently a very restrictive society where only the rich and powerful have powerful electronics and the regular people have NOTHING. Not even little TV set things. They live very technologically barren lives.

Other races have differing levels of technology. An elder might have a TV/computer device that the entire community has access to as a group. Families might have one device in others that acts as an all around TV/computer.


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